Intel Partner Showcase

Technology is always a team effort. At Intel, we’re proud to call these global leaders in technology our co-innovators and partners.

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When some of the world’s most incredible companies work together, the possibilities are limitless. In our partner showcase, learn how Intel and its partner ecosystem collaborate to create a competitive edge for customers.



Through decades of co-innovation, Intel and SAP help intelligent enterprises to make better and faster decisions by enabling true in-memory computing, on premises or in the cloud.


英特尔和 Microsoft 正在开展合作,以提供利用英特尔® 技术和 Microsoft Azure 的功能的云到边缘解决方案。

Google Cloud

Google Cloud 和英特尔建立了长期合作伙伴关系,开发针对企业工作负载优化的联合解决方案,在提高运营效率的同时加速数字化转型。

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

了解 AWS 和英特尔如何进行合作,为企业、高性能计算、人工智能和机器学习提供经优化的云服务产品。

Intel and HPE Partnership

Intel and HPE are working together to co-engineer the next generation of enterprise computing and storage solutions.

Red Hat

Learn about the partnership between Intel and Red Hat, including how we are combining technologies for digital transformation.

英特尔与 VMware 之间的合作

英特尔与 VMware 之间的合作

Dell EMC

Dell EMC and Intel provide the infrastructure needed to gain valuable business insights from big data and address massive capacity while supporting both traditional and next-gen applications.

超融合架构应用案例-英特尔® 官网

思科* HyperFlex 系统基于采用英特尔® 傲腾™ 固态硬盘的英特尔® 至强® 可扩展处理器构建,从而能够在超融合基础架构 (HCI) 中支持各种物联网解决方案。


Learn about the Intel and Lenovo partnership and our collaboration to deliver performance in the data center.

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