Intel Partner Showcase

Technology is always a team effort. At Intel, we’re proud to call these global leaders in technology our co-innovators and partners.



VMware 与英特尔携手,推动实现下一代软件定义数据中心 (SDDC)、混合云以及虚拟化企业工作负载解决方案。


英特尔和 Microsoft 正在开展合作,以提供利用英特尔® 技术和 Microsoft Azure 的功能的云到边缘解决方案。

企业数据管理创新:引入 Apache Hadoop*

了解英特尔与 Cloudera 如何合作进行实时企业数据管理创新。

Learn how Google cloud instances running on Intel Xeon Scalable processor offer SAP-certified VMs in the public cloud up to 24 terabytes in size.


Through decades of co-innovation, Intel and SAP help intelligent enterprises to make better and faster decisions by enabling true in-memory computing, on premises or in the cloud.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

了解 AWS 和英特尔如何进行合作,为企业、高性能计算、人工智能和机器学习提供经优化的云服务产品。



Intel and Oracle Cloud Partnership

Oracle and Intel have worked closely for more than 25 years bringing enterprise class solutions that are innovative, reliable, scalable and secure.

了解英特尔和 SAS 如何合作提供分析解决方案,从而加速直观理解并帮助企业通过其数据实现更大价值。


Learn about the Intel and Lenovo partnership and our collaboration to deliver performance in the data center.

Dell and Intel partner to provide modernized data center, cloud, and client solutions that help businesses gather new data and new insights.