Pioneering Together

Lenovo and Intel have a rich history of collaboration across the data center. Together, we deliver architecture that drives increasing levels of performance, density, and efficiency within the industry—while helping end customers Excel and grow.

Analytics & Big Data

Build an infrastructure that scales easily with flexible systems that take advantage of the best Intel® technologies.

Maximize Data Value

Stay competitive and enable data-driven decisions with a machine-learning-enabled streaming analytics solution from Intel and Lenovo.

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Real-Time Analytics

Enhance flexibility and agility with a real-time streaming architecture based on technologies from Intel, Lenovo, and Cloudera.

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Evolve Your Infrastructure

Drive modernization with Intel® technologies and solutions designed for the most mission-critical tasks and workloads.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Scale for success with processors that are workload-optimized to support high-demand applications and drive actionable insight.

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Intel® Select Solutions

Explore branded solutions from our partners and learn more about how to simplify and accelerate deployment of your data center infrastructure.

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Smarter Business, Smarter World

Explore the future of the data center with developments in analytics, cloud computing, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is reshaping the enterprise with new discoveries, better customer experiences, and improved products and services—all realized by actionable insight. See what Intel solutions can do for your business.

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Cloud Computing

Build cloud solutions on the trusted Intel platform, and get the agility and security your business needs to innovate in a hyper-connected world. Intel® technologies support a broad set of workloads, including the most high-demand applications.

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Network Transformation

Tomorrow’s enterprise services and customer products are being driven by 5G experiences. Learn more about the Intel® technologies that make network transformation possible.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps extract deeper intelligence from data. See how early adopters of AI are uncovering significant breakthroughs—from solving complex medical challenges to predicting global events.

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Technologies & Resources

A strong foundation supports successful data center transformation. Reference these essential partnership resources, programs, and components for a comprehensive digital solution.

Intel® Optane™ Technology

An all-new premium class of memory that can change the ways we build and use computers.

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FPGA Devices

A flexible, high performance range of programmable logic solutions.

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Intel® Cloud Builders

A collaborative environment that helps enterprises and cloud service providers build, operate, and optimize clouds.

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Intel® Network Builders

A vibrant ecosystem of vendors, manufacturers, and service providers working together to drive innovation.

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Intel® Storage Builders

Robust storage solutions that are revolutionizing the enterprise data center and cloud.

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Building the Future Together

Intel collaborates with key industry partners—like Lenovo—to deliver edge-to-cloud solutions in compute, analytics, and AI. Find out more about how we are optimizing software, services, and platforms.