You are eligible if:

  • You purchased a software product with Priority Support.
  • The purchased serial number has not expired.

To access Priority Support, you must also:

The following Intel® oneAPI toolkits offer Priority Support:

When you purchase Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit, Intel Rendering Toolkit, or Intel® Fortran Compilers, your serial number lets Intel know that you qualify for Priority Support. With support entitlement, you can then access the Online Service Center and submit a support ticket.

You are also entitled to receive Priority Support if you have a current active support entitlement for Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® System Studio, or a supported version of a stand-alone component.

Products with Priority Support may be purchased directly from the Intel Software Products Web Store or from our resellers.

Customers using a free version of Intel® oneAPI toolkits do not qualify for Priority Support. You may seek technical support in the Intel community user forums that are followed by expert users.

Users with Priority Support may submit requests to the Online Service Center regarding various Intel® products, including Intel® Software Development Products. Requests can include questions and technical support issues. Users can also monitor previously submitted issues.

Find more information about:

If you don’t already have an Intel account, you can create one by signing up for one or by registering an Intel® Software Development Product on the Intel Registration Center. Use your account to obtain Priority Support at the Online Service Center, as well as access our developer forums.

For more information, see the Product Registration and Sign Up FAQ

Yes. You need to register all software products sold with Priority Support to access the Online Service Center. Registering a purchased toolkit with Priority Support includes support for every component in that toolkit.

Product Registration and Sign Up FAQ

It is highly recommended that you update to the supported versions of Intel® oneAPI toolkits and components. They include latest functional and security updates, as well as support for the latest operating systems and IDE environments. Security and critical bugs are only fixed in the latest updates of the previous releases.

Users who originally purchased prior generational products (like Intel® Parallel Studio XE or Intel® System Studio) and still have an active Priority Support entitlement may request access to older downloads and limited installation support by opening a support ticket.

For more details, see Download Software FAQ and Product Installation FAQ.

To submit a support ticket in the Online Service Center, make sure you register the registration key or entitlement ID of your purchased software in the Intel Registration Center.

Once registered, your account is tagged as eligible for Priority Support, and you can open tickets for the product or its components. The purchased registration key should be in your email.

Registering the serial number of an unpurchased toolkit does not tag your account as eligible for Priority Support.

If you purchased a toolkit with Priority Support but cannot sign in to Priority Support at the Online Service Center (due to account access or password reset issues), do one of the following:

On the main page of the Online Service Center, select Request Support. If you have not signed in, you are prompted to do so. The system checks your entitlement, which may take a while, so select once and wait a few minutes.

On the product selection page:

  1. Select A product or service I already own or use.
  2. Select Search for a product or service by name and search for the product by typing its name.
  3. In the Find your product or service field, type a keyword to find the name of the product you purchased and registered, and for which you need support. To see all sections, at the bottom, select Show More. To get support for a product, select the product name that you purchased and already registered.

After you select the product, follow the series of questions based on the product to complete your request.

Online Service Center

How to Create a Support Request at the Online Service Center

Some yes/no questions are required for security reasons. Enter your question, the software component most relevant to your issue, the host operating system, product version (optional, but helpful), and priority level (your choice). For some products you can assign your own reference ID.

There is currently no mechanism for users to attach larger files. You can upload your file to a cloud or another online service, and in the same support request, provide the information to retrieve the file. If you need to ensure a direct connection to provide confidential files, tell us in your request and we will work with you to find the best solution.

On the main page of the Online Service Center, when you are signed in, you will see a list of your current requests in the Support history section. You can view details for any request here, and send a post to technical support for any open request. Recently closed requests can be reopened for 15 days.

Online Service Center

Product updates are available through the Intel Registration Center. See the Purchase, Renew, and Upgrade FAQ for more information.

Your Priority Support entitlement period (for example, one year) starts the day you purchase it. After 365 days, you cannot enter a new ticket unless you already purchased a pre-expiration renewal.

Renewing your Priority Support subscription preserves your access to previously registered versions, your ticket status history, and existing serial number.

For more information on how to renew, contact an authorized reseller.

If your support entitlement expires, Intel removes your information from its system and is no longer able to provide support services such as prior version access and download, assistance in use, secure download, or changes such as developer and administrator roles. 

After support expires, you have 30 days to renew your Priority Support (grace period) at the discounted renewal rate. However, you may purchase support renewal along with your initial purchase or within 30 days before or after the expiration date. 

After support expires, you have 30 days to renew at a greatly discounted rate. After the 30 days grace period is over, you must purchase another Intel® software package with Priority Support, which has a new serial number and ticket status history.

For more information, regardless of original method of purchase, contact an authorized reseller.

Priority Support is based on your support entitlement at the time you submit the request. If your request is not resolved by the time your support expires, you will still receive the same Priority Support for that request as if your entitlement were active.

If a technical issue is fixed in an upcoming product update, the support request will be resolved upon release of the latest version of software.

When you purchase an Intel® Software Development Product with Priority Support, you are entitled to product updates. Your support ends if you do not renew your Priority Support after your support expiration date.

After the support expires, your product continues to function, but you cannot download or install older product versions. You also cannot open new Priority Support tickets. Intel does not provide, nor does it authorize access to older versions on the public internet. 

A multiuser license allows more than one developer to use the product at the same time, and also allows more than one developer to receive Priority Support as a registered user of the multiuser license.

Similarly, a developer Team-Sized support subscription package identified as Workgroup, Department, or Division allows more than one developer to receive support at the same time.

For more information, see How to add users to a multiuser license.

Once a developer has been added to a multiuser serial number, the developer is entitled to get Priority Support for that product.