Next Generation Central Office

Data Center at the edge.

The Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) based on Intel® architecture provides scale, flexibility, and agility to deploy new telecommunications services while saving costs and protecting infrastructure investments.1

NGCO Architecture Ready for Prime Time

As edge compute ramps, Intel and Quanta Cloud Technology* (QCT) continue to work with different VNF partners to integrate, validate, and optimize their telecom workloads through seamless Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) collaboration. The ever growing list of partners, and their enthusiasm to participate in the NGCO ecosystem suggest great potential. We expect more solution partners to join the NGCO ecosystem and its network transformation journey. Learn more about the proposed QCT* NGCO solution here.

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Rethinking How Virtualized Network Functions Are Created and Deployed

With customer data traffic estimated to grow significantly in the next several years, future networking solutions must show a path to solving tomorrow’s data compound-annual-growth-rate (CAGR) issue in a cost-effective and scalable way. Pushing the boundary of performance requires the latest and greatest technology along with deploying this technology in a holistic and easy-to-use way.

Read more on a set of design principles recently proposed for taking solutions based on Intel® architecture processors and network functions virtualization (NFV) to the next level of performance and network automation.

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Be Ready for the 5G Era

The network edge is transforming, with more compute being deployed in Central Office and edge mile locations. This Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) will be the pivotal network location for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and can be an important location for 5G services. Watch the video to learn how the evolution of the next generation office is an evolution of the entire network to improve the end users quality of experience.

The Power of the Cloud at the Edge

Utilizing Intel® architecture on COTS-based servers extends the power of the cloud to the next generation central office edge location saving space and costs while adding flexibility for new service innovation in preparation for 5G.

Discover how and why Communications Service Providers (CoSPs) are transforming their edge networks with Intel infrastructure, allowing them to deliver increased service velocity with improved flexibility and efficiency.

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Network Functions Come Together in the Central Office

Brian Aherne, Director Communications Infrastructure & General Manager for Intel Shannon, discusses how the Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) is driving fundamental change in the way carriers plan, deploy, and manage their infrastructure.

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