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  • Higher density and lower hardware cost per TV service.

  • Lower bitrate, translating to lower network bandwidth usage and lower cost, for the same video quality and density.



Anevia* is one of the leading software providers for delivery of live TV, time shifted TV, streaming, and video on demand services. Their Genova Live application is a real-time HEVC video transcoder for Internet TV. This is a core bound application.

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Anevia* provides software for TV operators to encode video. These operators are impacted by the cost of hardware infrastructure and quality of video being delivered. As such, any improvement in performance translates to being able to transcode:

(1) More video channels in parallel at the same quality or
(2) Same number of video channels at lower bit rate, which saves costs. Hence customer is always seeking to get the best possible performance out of their hardware.

With 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Anevia* is able to achieve up to 22%1 2 3 more live HD services compared to previous generation, due to improved memory bandwidth and the new Vector Neural Network Instructions. These new instructions helped more HEVC services to be transcoded, than without.



性能结果基于英特尔和 Anevia 于 2019 年 4 月 9 日的测试,并且可能无法反映所有公开的安全更新。没有任何产品或组件能够做到绝对安全。有关完整测试配置详细信息,请参阅“配置”部分。


性能因用途、配置和其他因素而异。请访问 了解更多信息。


Anevia 工作负载:Genova Live 版本 5.4 操作系统:CentOS Linux* 7.6 内核 3.10.0-957 测试由英特尔和 Anevia 于 2019 年 4 月进行。制定有变体 1、2、3、3a、4 和 L1TF 的安全缓解措施。
基准:2S 英特尔® 至强® 金牌处理器 6152,2.1GHz,22 核,睿频和 HT 开启,BIOS 1.0286,微代码:0x2000057,192GB 总内存,12 个插槽/16GB/2666 MT/s/DDR4 双列 RDIMM,CentOS Linux* 7.6 内核 3.10.0-957。
新:2S 英特尔® 至强® 金牌处理器 6252,2.1GHz,24 核,睿频和 HT 开启,BIOS 1.0395,微代码:0x400001c,192GB 总内存,12 个插槽/16GB/2933 MT/s/DDR4 双列 RDIMM,CentOS Linux* 7.6 内核 3.10.0-957。