Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® Processors

Now you can enjoy the great experiences you’ve wanted from your notebook, convertible, or desktop PC with the security and connectivity options you need for a protected, mobile lifestyle with the new Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processor family. Whether you’re a Windows*, or Linux* user, the Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processor family delivers great balance of performance at entry price points with great battery life. The all new Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processor family includes 4K media support, integrated connectivity up to Gigabit Wi-Fi1 3, and improvements in security in your choice of platform and OS at a price point for casual users who want rich experiences.

Enjoy better computing performance with faster data transfer
With up to 55% better Windows* application performance than a four year old system1 4, the Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors give your platform the computing and visual power you've wanted. Now you can multitask those data intensive projects and still have power for your other activities. With Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processor platforms, you can enjoy:

  • Fun and casual gaming experience
  • A new level of performance and great battery life for longer active use (~10 hours of active battery life1 2)
  • New improved I/O and memory options for faster data transfer with DDR4 support
  • Overall Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors enable binge watching your movies all night long, chatting longer, and being more productive

Exciting new experiences
The Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors don't just offer great performance and battery life. It incorporates exciting new experiences from your device.

  • First time Wi-Fi with up to Gigabit speeds has been integrated on a SOC on a PC1 3
  • First time anyone has delivered an over the air Gigabit Wi-Fi PC capability for extremely fast networking performance – faster than a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection5
  • Boost your display visibility outdoors in bright sunlight with LACE technology (Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement)
  • Enjoy your 4K content on external 4K display or HDTVs
  • You can enjoy your favorite movies and videos in UHD (Ultra High Definition) from premier channels like Netflix and Sony
  • Capturing and uploading 1080p video for Google Hangouts*, Chrome* browser, MS Edge* browser and YouTube is much easier with new VP9* and HEVC 10-bit built in CODECs
  • Enjoy your TV on the go with PlayReady* 3

Security you can trust6
People’s online lives are more complicated than ever before, and consumers are demanding increasingly frictionless methods to safeguard identities and data. Our research shows that consumers want digital experiences that are more secure, and security has the potential to accelerate PC refresh. And now, we have an unprecedented security offering with the ability to sell more PCs. With the latest Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors, Intel builds security6 features directly into the silicon. We can offer a more secure6 experience without sacrificing ease of use. Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors now feature secure-enabled6 browsing and sharing with password managers.

A device that suits your lifestyle
Intel® Pentium® Silver and Celeron® processors power more devices, from notebooks to convertibles to desktops and mini PCs—Windows, and Linux—giving you flexibility to choose the best device for your needs, while knowing it will give you the performance, experiences, and security6 you want.

You can now select the device that matches your lifestyle—on the go or on the desk—with a wide range of form factors and styles to choose from including new form factors for consumers and education with quiet, fanless designs, and lighter-weight materials and devices.




性能测试中使用的软件和工作负载可能仅可基于英特尔® 微处理器进行性能优化。性能测试(如 SYSmark* 和 MobileMark*)使用特定计算机系统、组件、软件、操作和功能进行测量。对这些因素的任何更改可能导致不同的结果。您应该查询其他信息和性能测试以帮助您对正在考虑的采购作出全面的评估,包括该产品在与其他产品结合使用时的性能。有关更多完整的信息,请访问


Windows 10* 1080p 24fps 本地视频播放组件平均功率 断开所有 USB 设备的连接,将它们连接到本地 WiFi 接入点,并将屏幕亮度设置为 200 尼特(禁用 DPST,在白色背景上将亮度设置为 200 尼特,然后启用 DPST)。等待 10 分钟,使操作系统完全处于闲置状态。使用 Windows Movie & TV 应用程序启动《钢铁之泪》(1080p H264 10MBps 24fps) 视频。在播放视频期间测量并计算平均功耗。报告 3 个运行性能中位数。  配置;英特尔® 奔腾® 银牌处理器 N5000,PL1=6W TDP,4C/4T,高达 2.7GHz,内存:2x2GB DDR4 2400,存储:英特尔固态盘,操作系统:Windows* 10 RS2 电池:35WHr,12.5",1920x1080。


802.11ac 160MHz 提供最大 1.73Gbps 的吞吐量,较标准 802.11ac 2x2 80MHz (867Mbps) 提速 2 倍,比现今电脑所用的基准 1x1 BGN (150Mbps) Wi-Fi 提速近 12 倍。要实现千兆无线速度,网络需要支持 160MHz 通道的无线路由器/接入点。


基于针对以下处理器进行 SYSmark* 2014 v1.5 测试的预测结果:英特尔® 奔腾® 银牌处理器 N5000(PL1=6W TDP,4C/4T,高达 2.7GHz,内存:2x2GB DDR4 2400,存储:英特尔® 固态盘,操作系统:Windows* 10 RS2)与英特尔® 奔腾® 处理器 N3540(PL1=7.5W TDP,4C/4T,高达 2.66GHz,内存:2x2GB DDR3L-1333,存储:英特尔® 固态盘,操作系统:Windows* 10 RS2(55% 为移动式));英特尔® 奔腾® 银牌处理器 J5005(PL1=10W TDP,4C/4T,高达 2.8GHz,内存:2x2GB DDR4 2400,存储:英特尔® 固态盘,操作系统:Windows* 10 RS2)与英特尔® 奔腾® 处理器 J2900(PL1=10W TDP,4C/4T,高达 2.67GHz,内存:2x2GB DDR3L-1333,存储:英特尔® 固态盘,操作系统:Windows* 10 RS2(60% 为桌面式))。


具有业内公认的理想条件,适用于 Wi-Fi 和有线连接。


英特尔® 技术的功能和优势取决于系统配置,可能需要启用硬件、软件或激活服务。随着系统配置的变化,性能也会发生变化。没有任何产品或组件能够做到绝对安全。请咨询您的系统制造商或零售商,或访问 获取更多信息。