Data Bench: A New Proof-of-Concept Workload for Microservice Transactions

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已更新 10/2/2017
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Data Bench is a new proof-of-concept workload that can be used to measure the response-time latency of microservice transactions. This is a new type of workload that places the focus and analysis of computing environments on the handling, processing, and movement of data. Currently in  Phase 1 proof-of-concept, this open-source implementation delivers all the required components for an out-of-the-box workload, in a format that is easy to download and easy to use. Data Bench provides a solid starting point for testing the interoperability and delivery mechanisms of future transaction benchmarks for microservices.

We introduce a new open-source workload: Data Bench. Data Bench is designed to help you tune, optimize, develop, and evaluate data-centric computing environments. This workload places the focus and analysis on the handling, processing and the movement of data. Specifically, Data Bench measures the response-time latency for two transactions using Kafka, Apache Spark*, and Apache Cassandra*. Note that other benchmarks use Twitter*, click-stream, or other unstructured data types for big data processing. Unlike those benchmarks, Data Bench uses contemporary online transaction processing (OLTP) structured data for the transactions and the data stored in Cassandra.

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