MeshCentral2 - Apple OSX, Ubuntu 18.04, Reverse-Proxy, MeshMessenger

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已更新 12/4/2018
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MeshCentral can manage a wide range of Windows and Linux computers. This week, we added initial support for Apple MacOS. Once you update to the latest MeshCentral, you will have the option to download and install the MeshAgent for Apple MacOS. In addition, we improved support for reverse proxies, added the first version of MeshMessenger, added Ubuntu 18.04 support and introduced a new built-in chat application. In details:

  • Apple MacOS support. Supporting a new operating system is a lot of work. It’s especially difficult when the MeshAgent is trying to act as a remote desktop server and do this while users are logging in and out. Screen grabbing the user’s display and performing remote input is a lot of work. The code to do this changes a lot between operating systems. Doing all this on the latest MacOS is amazing. Due to security restrictions, we were not able to perform remote input on the MacOS login screen, but everything else should work correctly. This is an early version, many more fixes will need to be made.
  • Improved reverse-proxy support. This week we fixed many issues with MeshCentral reverse proxy support. Notably, we added TLS-SNI indications on all our connections and fixed how MeshCentral loads certificates from the reverse-proxy. This support is critical since many installations of MeshCentral are within containers or share the public IP address and ports with many other services.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 support. In this year’s Ubuntu release, the way X Windows works has changed quite a bit resulting on the previous MeshAgent getting a blank screen when trying to do remote desktop. This is now fixed thank to Bryan Roe updating how remote desktop is perform on Linux. Note that due to new security restrictions, we can’t see or remote input into the latest Ubuntu’s login screen anymore.
  • MeshMessenger. The latest MeshCentral saw the introduction of MeshMessenger, our new chat application. It’s often useful to be able to chat between two users on the web site or to chat with someone on a remote computer to perform remote support or other use cases. So, MeshCentral needed a chat application. Its use is currently very limited, but more usages will be added in the future.

Many thanks to Bryan Roe who worked on MacOS support, Ubuntu support and improving the agent’s stability. As usual, feedback very much appreciated.


Apple MacOS installer for the MeshAgent.

Apple MacOS computer showing up on MeshCentral.

New chat application integrated for the first time into MeshCentral.