Digital Transformation Intel Unite® Solution

Collaboration for Modern Workplaces

Components of the Intel Unite® Solution

  • The Intel Unite® app on user devices to unlock enterprise grade collaboration.

  • A lightweight service running either on your existing infrastructure or in the cloud, which handles the PIN orchestration.


An open, easy to use, manageable, and more secure platform for digital transformation.

The Intel Unite® Solution

Today, business is conducted in a fast-paced, on-demand, globally dispersed environment. Maintaining a competitive edge requires cohesive real-time collaboration. Mobile workers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and even customers expect to be able to work together seamlessly, both inside and outside the firewall.

But delivering tools for high-quality collaboration is often challenging, due to the need for businesses of all sizes to support a wide range of personal and business devices. Mixing disparate devices with complex conferencing solutions often leads to frustrated employees, while businesses face a labor-intensive, costly endeavor without a high ROI. In addition, collaboration is evolving—with businesses creating small huddle spaces and open workspaces that increase the demand for ubiquitous, effective conferencing.

The Intel Unite® solution is a fast, simple, cost-efficient way to deliver a more secure, manageable, high-quality collaboration experience. Whether you select the on-premise or the new cloud option, the solution works with your existing technologies and provides controlled content sharing. It is easy to use, supports a range of devices and operating systems, as well as many business plugins, and requires minimal training for end users. The solution allows a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) given the simple and low pricing structure, along with the ability to integrate with your existing infrastructure—supporting a broad range of devices and collaboration technologies. Intel® security and encryption technologies help ensure that content and file sharing occurs only between approved meeting participants. Additionally, the solution offers telemetry and remote manageability for IT and facilities managers.

With the Intel Unite® solution, you can deliver a great business-ready collaboration user experience and create intelligent meeting spaces.

Collaboration for Digital Transformation

The Intel Unite® solution is a content sharing software application that makes meeting rooms remotely manageable and more secure.

  • Scale from small meeting spaces to large collaboration settings and conference rooms
  • Gain the choice and flexibility to connect to cost and size constrained environments, as well as large conference rooms with a single platform experience for the end user
  • Provide a consistent collaboration or videoconferencing experience while simplifying IT management across all collaboration spaces
  • Deploy a single image and customize each room or groups of rooms—a simple plugin loads the room functionality

Turn Conferencing Pain Points Into a High-Quality Collaboration Experience

Key Features and Benefits

Easily and cost-effectively modernize meeting spaces. The solution provides instant meeting connections and the ability to share and collaborate with content, while giving IT an open platform that works across a mixed environment.

Open Platform

The Intel Unite® solution is an open platform, working with existing conference room technology to maximize current investments. The open architecture supports a breadth of plugins to extend the meeting experience—from unified communications to lighting and temperature controls to digital whiteboarding.

  • Supports PCs with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, macOS, iOS devices, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Linux-based (Fedora, Red Hat, and Ubuntu) devices*
  • Extensible platform with a breadth of plugins: Unified communications plugins for Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, and Cisco TelePresence.* Plus, a growing list of plugins for digital whiteboards, room A/V controls, document camera, guest access, meeting join, and analytics. See the growing list of apps for the Intel Unite® solution at
  • Customizable to fit specific business needs, including display configurations and the user interface

Security and Manageability

The Intel Unite® solution is built on trusted security, stability and managebility.

  • All content shared across Intel Unite® software is 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted to help protect meeting data within your secure network
  • Configurable rotating PIN ensures that only the people invited to a meeting attend
  • Protected Guest Access enables guests to attend in a more secure way without accessing the corporate network
  • Remotely manage, update software, and troubleshoot from the Intel Unite® solution Admin Portal, saving time, and costs
  • View telemetry data on connections, presentations, and average meeting times in all of your Intel Unite® solution-enabled meeting spaces. Measure the usage of hardware, software, and conference room utilization to inform space planning and help maximize ROI
  • Works within IT’s existing failover infrastructure and security protocols
  • Interoperability to evolve and future-proof your business

Seamless, High-Quality User Experience

This simple wireless collaboration solution with an interactive user interface enables users to start meetings quickly and run them efficiently. Content is shared seamlessly to meeting rooms, and remote users and guests can easily and more securely connect into meeting sessions.

  • Meetings can be scheduled in Outlook* from Windows based clients and joined with a click, no PIN required
  • Ultrasonic meeting join allows meeting participants to walk into a meeting room, launch their Intel Unite® app, and automatically connect into their meeting securely, no PIN required
  • Badge scan login: Participants simply swipe their badges on a scanner in the meeting space and the Intel Unite® solution automatically connects them to the session. Read the white paper to learn how developers can enable this easy way to join. Learn more ›
  • Fast file sharing: Attendees simply click on a file to make it available to everyone in the meeting
  • Native touch integration allows users to manage the meeting from the front of the room with a touch-enabled display. The inclusion of screen control (touchback) allows users with Windows* 10 clients to untether from their devices and control their presentations from the room display
  • Annotation feature allows participants to draw attention to anything on the screen, circling, underlining, or jotting notes as if using a whiteboard
  • Switch presenters with a single click—no more passing the cable or switching chairs
  • Supports multiple simultaneous presenters—up to 4 screens per display and up to 4 displays
  • Supports in-room HD audio/video playback

Simple to Deploy and Maintain

The Intel Unite® solution combines wireless content sharing software with an enabled Intel Unite® solution hub computer. The Intel Unite® solution hub supports multiple form factors to allow flexibility in implementation, including mini PCs and All-in-Ones (AIO) or an Open Pluggable Specification-based platform. These devices pack performance, remote manageability, and advanced security—converting an ordinary meeting room into an intelligent collaboration space.

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