Acceleration with Power and Cost Efficiency

Today’s modern data centers are transforming to support the ever increasing demands of cloud, networking, and data analytics workloads. Efficient compute performance and power efficiency is critical for these workloads. Intel is helping customers meet this demand with purpose-built Intel® Accelerators that boost performance to meet the demands of specific workloads while maintaining efficient power consumption.

Helping the World Go Faster

Intel® Accelerators target specific workloads that can be better managed with optimized acceleration.

Intel Visual Compute Accelerator (VCA)

• Designed for dense media transcoding and 3D remote graphics rendering • Three Intel® Xeon Processor E3-1283L v4 with aVX2.0* • Up to 96 GB of DDR3 memory

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Intel Deep Learning Inference Accelerator

• Accelerates CNN-intensive applications such as content filtering, facial recognition, and medical imaging • Intel pre-integrated and optimized hardware and software is ideal for developing deep-learning solutions

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Speed Specific Workloads with Intel® Accelerator Solutions

Designed and optimized for specific market segments, Intel’s portfolio of accelerator card solutions enables high-performance, hardware-based workload acceleration with excellent cost and power efficiency. See how.

Amazing Media, Faster

Find out why cloud, telco and other service providers in the expanding visual computing market choose Intel® Visual Compute Accelerators to give them a competitive edge.

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Powering Insight by Speeding Deep Learning

Find valuable developer information and resources for Intel® Deep Learning Inference Accelerator solutions and applications.

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Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Our World

Discover how AI is changing how we work, live and play, and how Intel is developing technology to making it easier to build AI solutions.

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