Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT)

With a large number of new restaurants failing, and ever-expanding competition among those in business, restaurants need a way to keep costs down and customer loyalty up.

Intel®-powered interactive restaurant technology (IRT) from Kodisoft enables revolutionary digital ordering, infotainment, and payment options in restaurants, without ever leaving the table. With IRT, a table is transformed into a touch- and gesture-based informational experience, where customers can quickly browse interactive menus with photos and ingredients, place orders, play games and browse news while waiting, and submit payments. The solution simplifies and expedites the ordering and payment processes, and allows restaurants to push timely promotional content based on available ingredients, on which customers can make instant decisions.


  • Increased Sales: Internal reports show average sales increases of 32 percent, with additional new revenue streams available via on-table advertising. Restaurant staff are also freed up to focus on timely food delivery and engaging customers.
  • Reduce Costs: Interactive tables eliminate the need for printed menus and signage, and reduce kitchen food waste by offering timely offers on near-expiring or less popular dishes.
  • Better Customer Experience: Wait times are reduced and customers are presented with a more engaging, informative experience.

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Key Ingredients

  • Intel® NUCs powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver flawless visual, touch, and gesture-based performance for the tables in a highly compact space.
  • The Intel® Edison platform supports complex data collection in a low-power package.
  • Kodisoft provides all table hardware and software, including Intel®-powered devices, point-of-sale units, web cameras, and more, plus sets up the cloud connections and provides ongoing cloud services and product support.

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