Video Design Framework Workshop (Legacy Course) (IDSP230)

8 Hours Instructor-Led Only Course

Course Description

You will learn how the video and imaging processing (VIP) framework can help you overcome video design challenges such as improving image format conversion quality, offloading DSP processors, and reducing system cost and time to market. In this lab based hands-on VIP workshop, you will explore the VIP framework, learn how to master the VIP design methodology, and get hands-on direct experience via the VIP lab exercises.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Implement a complete video processing system using the Video framework components and your own custom IP components in the Qsys tool
  • Perform video packet snooping as well as system verification
  • Add a Nios® II processor for run-time command and control of your system
  • Use complex video processing functions such as polyphase scaling, motion adaptive deinterlacing, & alpha-blending
  • Calculate memory requirements & architect memory sub-systems
  • Understand video framework & Video IP

Skills Required

  • Completion of "The Quartus® II Software Design Series: Foundation" course OR a working knowledge of the Quartus II software
  • Basic knowledge of video

Follow-on Courses

Upon completing this course, we recommend the following courses (in no particular order):

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