LoRa Connected Devices* by Kontron

A connected transportation and logistics (CTL), mobility, smart cities, and infrastructure solution.

The growth of information technology along with the Internet of Things (IoT) has multiplied new potential services based on connected devices. The new LoRa wireless technology is a breakthrough allowing installing easily multiple new connected devices, even in moving environment like rolling stocks, to offer new services to customers, for asset management, preventive maintenance operations optimization, finally driving to lower cost of ownership and better customer experience.1

Product Details

Available today

Built by Kontron, sold by Kontron

Available in Americas, Asia/Pacific/Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Europe


Intel® products: WGI210IT Ethernet NIC, Intel Atom® processor E3845 


Intel contact: michael.vierheilig@intel.com

Solution provider contact: harvey.berman@kontron.com