Intel Mobile Communications Software-Defined Radio

A baseband processor concept architecture based on Intel's innovative software-defined radio technology.

To address the 'multi-standard challenge' where an increasing number of cellular, connectivity, broadcast, and multimedia standards co-exist in a mobile phone, Intel is working on an innovative software-define radio (SDR) architecture for its future baseband solutions. The key attraction of SDR will be its ability to support multiple standards on the same processor by changing the software only. This concept has enormous benefits for multi-standard wireless applications, such as reduced cost of ownership, faster time to market, unprecedented flexibility, smaller form factor, and more favorable economies of scale when compared with classical baseband solutions.

Intel's first SDR baseband prototype is available and is the result of intensive research and development work with the objective to provide the highest flexibility and simplest programmability at competitive area and power consumption. In combination with state-of-the-art Intel® SMARTi™ RF transceiver, an SDR-based prototype platform has been developed, and various demonstrations on satellite standard, i.e. GMR-3G, as well as terrestrial standards such as 2G and 3G have been performed.

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