Intel Bluetooth® Technology

Intel is a leading supplier of Bluetooth® technology, offering a product portfolio from mobile phones to automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

We offer single-chip semiconductor solutions as well as system modules and integrated IP-block solutions to enable increased flexibility and optimization.

The Intel® BlueMoon™ architecture is now in its sixth generation and offers a well-proven functionality and performance. Intel® BlueMoon™ products offer superior RF performance along with innovative software solutions for high quality operation. The Intel® BlueMoon™ product family has been designed for voice quality and high-performance data transmissions with reduced requirements on the host processor.

Our single solutions are small and cost-effective, targeting mobile phones, automotive, industrial, and medical applications. Intel’s module solutions are Bluetooth® technology qualified, offering an accelerated time to market and lower initial investments.

Intel is one of the seven promoters of the Bluetooth® brand SIG and has participated in Bluetooth® specification standardization since the start of Bluetooth® technology.

Mobile Phone

Bluetooth®  technology is the unchallenged technology for voice connections. Additionally, it enables easy connections to other Bluetooth®  technology enabled devices for data exchange. Some examples are address book synchronization with PC and streaming music to or from other devices.

The latest advances in Bluetooth®  technology EDR make extreme data rates possible. It moves data up to three times faster than with previous Bluetooth® solutions, using less power and increasing battery life on mobile devices.

By using a pure digital CMOS approach and ensuring excellent RF performance, Intel® BlueMoon™ products such as Chipsets and IP Block solutions provide the technology to make wireless personal area networking a reality. Intel® BlueMoon™ PMB 8763 single-chip radio solutions provide a cost-effective platform for handset manufacturers. The Intel® BlueMoon™ PMB 8763 single-chip radio ICs are ROM-based Host Controller Interface (HCI) devices ideal for the small size, low cost and, high performance solutions required in cellular phones and PDAs.

Intel® BlueMoon™ products such as Chipsets and IP Block solutions provide proven on-chip power management, superior Bluetooth®  technology performance, and robust and flexible co-existence interface to be able to achieve optimized solutions with other radios (Cellular, WLAN, GPS etc.). Intel Bluetooth® technology and third-party Bluetooth®  brand stack are integrated options in several Intel® Cellular Platform Development Suites. A wide selection of profiles is available, including advanced audio profiles.


Cellular connectivity becomes more and more a standard functionality in car infotainment systems. The Bluetooth® trademark hands-free function is the perfect solution for a safe and easy use of your cellular phone in the car. The higher bandwith offered with Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth® technology also supports multi-profile user scenarios involving streaming MP3 music and stereophonic headset applications.

Intel is one of the leading semiconductor suppliers in the automotive market. We have been providing our Intel® BlueMoon™ products to automotive customers for over 10 years. Our product offering is based on single chip solutions and complemented with module products.

Our product strategy for our automotive product offerings is to select proven products in volume production in our consumer segment and adopt them for release in the automotive segment. This adoption process includes important requirements like temperature range, AEC Q100 qualification, packaging options, and securing a long-term production setup.

Selected Intel® BlueMoon™ products offer a specific setup to satisfy your requirements for automotive applications, with an emphasis on proven product concepts, quality requirements, long-term availability, and high audio quality.

Industrial and Medical

In the industrial and medical area, there is a substantial interest in low-cost fully integrated Bluetooth® technology solutions with high quality and long life time. Main applications in these markets are wireless data connections to a cellular phone, a PDA, or a PC device. In order to meet this requirement, Intel has released a set of specialized products for data communication applications.

Intel® BlueMoon™ technology provides easy-to-use complete system products with fully integrated Bluetooth® technology protocol stack and profiles for data transfer applications. Intel® BlueMoon™ technology supports the Serial Port Profile, Human Interface Devices Profile, and RFCOMM protocol.

Ideal for the industrial and medical industries, we offer a flexible Bluetooth®  technology platform suitable for designers with no deeper knowledge in the Bluetooth® technology. Our main focus is to simplify the SW interfaces by using a standardized AT-command interface. Other important focuses are requirements like temperature range, quality, and packaging options, as well as long-term availability.

These products are available as IC as well as Module, which enables cost optimization dependent on volume, R&D effort, and production setup. Shifting from Module to IC is possible without any SW changes on host processor.

Product and Features List

Intel® BlueMoon™ PMB 8763 V2 Intel® BlueMoon™ PMB 8763 V3 Intel® BlueMoon™ PMB 8753/2 Intel® Performance Bottleneck Analyzer (Intel® PBA) 31308 Intel® Performance Bottleneck Analyzer (Intel® PBA) 31308/2
Chips x x x  
Modules       x
Proven Bluetooth® EDR solution in 0.13µ CMOS technology x x x  
Large HW Data Buffers integrated to ensure high throughput x x    
Standard compliance BT 1.2, 2.0 & 2.1 + EDR BT 3.0 + EDR BT 1.2, 2.0 + EDR  
AEC Q100 qualified        
Temperature range -40°C to +85°C        
Packet loss concealment for superior voice quality x x    
A three-wire WLAN-coexistence interface, configurable via HCI x x    
Easy to design in       x
Support for both leaded and non-leaded customer soldering processes       x
Can be routed out on a two-layer board       x
PPAP documentation       x
Qualifications     BT FCC, CE, and IC ; Fully qualified. FCC and R&TTE Pre-qualified
Integrated Bluetooth® protocol stack, SPP profile, and AT command interface     x  
Supports direct connect to battery     x  

Software and Support

The Intel Bluetooth® Technology Partner Program

The Intel Bluetooth® Technology Partner Program recommends software stack suppliers that have showed good functionality with Intel Bluetooth® technology products. These software stack suppliers have implemented Intel's specific requirements and may offer optional support for specific features exclusive to Intel products. Demo software available from some stack suppliers may be provided in development kits. For more information on software stacks and specific Intel features supported, please contact the software stack supplier directly.

Product Selection Guide

To help you select the best product solution for your needs, we offer a product selection guide that contains a short product overview and answers common questions, such as the difference between HCI and Embedded SW products, the advantages and disadvantages of an IC design as compared to a module design, or how to obtain qualification and certification.

For more information, please contact your local sales office or distributor.