Delivering Pre-Certified, Fully-Validated, and Performance-Optimized Solution for Modern IT Infrastructure

Modernize and Transform Your Data Center

The Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform are configure-to-order, non-branded server systems that are fully validated and certified for use with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. This flexible white box solution enables Intel’s partners, VARs, and SIs to provide faster route for building on-premise hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for their customers with the latest technology and support from industry leaders.

The Nutanix-certified Intel® DCB’s are available in multiple configurations to meet the compute, storage, and networking requirements on latest Intel® technology, optimized for different business use-cases. When combined with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Intel® DCB’s provide public cloud like scalability, with security and control features as in private cloud for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Cloud Services and Software Defined Storage (SDS) markets.

Solution Advantages

  • Highest compute density - More performance in less space. Intel’s thermal design allows for use of more powerful CPU in a 2U 4-node form factor delivering more performance in less space. This extra performance allows for more virtual servers and better quality of services for customer application needs.
  • Designed, validated, and certified to work seamlessly together Intel and Nutanix. Enterprise market ready solution saves time and money that is otherwise spent on system design, configuration, and testing.
  • Configuration flexibility without risk. Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) are available as configured to order. Workloads from mid-market to enterprises have been tested with an optimized range of configurations to meet common use cases including enterprise applications and Server Virtualization. This helps to remove the risk of ordering the right system optimized for the right workload.
  • Built on the latest technology. Intel® DCB’s are validated using multiple server components including Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel® Optane™ SSD’s, Intel® Optane™ persistent memory, NVM Express (NVMe*), Intel® Ethernet, and Intel® Server Chassis for a scalable and reliable server system.
  • Faster time to market. Allows businesses to focus on value-added services and capitalize on more opportunities, which provides a competitive edge.
  • More resources to invest in differentiation and new markets. Intel® DCB’s combined with Nutanix’s support provides a more complete, integrated offering that is an optimized, validated, and certified solution to accelerate entry into new markets.
  • One Click simplicity. Nutanix Software facilitates one-click planning, provisioning, insight, and firmware upgrade on the cluster.

Reseller Benefits

Streamlined Path to Market Business-Building Advantages Intel and Nutanix Technology Leadership
  • Simplified sales/order process
  • Designed, validated by Intel, and certified by Nutanix
  • Enables focus on new revenue opportunities
  • Non-branded server system
  • Flexibility and choice for customers
  • More resources to invest in differentiation and new markets
  • Latest Intel compute and storage technologies
  • Latest Nutanix Software technologies
  • Pre-integrated solution components

Announcing the Nutanix and Intel Innovation Lab

Nutanix and Intel have collaborated to establish physical labs and dedicated headcount at both companies for the purpose of accelerating the adoption of Intel® technologies from across the IA portfolio within the Nutanix software stack. Projects will fall into three categories:

  • Acceleration – Acceleration of the productization of a new technology feature in the short term that has a use case that is well understood.
  • Technology Adoption – Deeper exploration of new classes of Nutanix applications, or improvement of platform capabilities, that have an unknown implementation risk.
  • Innovation – Exploration of new or emerging Intel® technologies that have a use case with higher risk but have the potential to be disruptive in the market.

“By launching this Innovation Lab with Intel, we are actively working on critical projects to better equip our customers and have already made progress in several priority areas,” Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer, Nutanix

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按订单配置英特尔® 数据中心模块(英特尔® DCB)

英特尔® 数据中心模块(英特尔® DCB)是经过完全验证的专用系统,可帮助合作伙伴采用最新技术构建的创新服务器解决方案加快上市。除了预定义配置之外还需要更多定制系统时,英特尔还会根据您的规格采用一系列可优化性能和成本的经验证组件来构建服务器。仅限分销商和经销商使用。

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