Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 7000 Series Datasheet

The Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 7000 series is Intel’s first dual core product for multi-processor servers, utilizing two physical Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture cores in one package. It maintains the tradition of compatibility with IA-32 software and includes features found in the Intel® Xeon® processor such as hyper pipelined, a Rapid Execution Engine, and an Execution Trace Cache. Hyper pipelined technology includes a multi-stage pipeline, allowing the processor to reach much higher core frequencies. The processor features a choice of two system bus speeds. The 667 MHz front side bus (FSB) is a quad-pumped bus running off a 166 MHz system clock making 5.3 GB per second data transfer rates possible. The Execution Trace Cache is a level 1 (L1) cache that stores decoded micro-operations, which removes the decoder from the main execution path, thereby increasing performance. In addition, the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7000 series includes Intel® 64 architecture, providing additional addressing capability.

Enhanced thermal and power management capabilities are implemented including Thermal Monitor and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology. Thermal Monitor provides efficient and effective cooling in high temperature situations. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology allows trade-offs to be made between performance and power consumption. This may lower average power consumption (in conjunction with OS support).

The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7000 series supports Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology). This feature allows a single, physical processor to function as two logical processors. While some execution resources such as caches, execution units, and buses are shared, each logical processor has its own architectural state with its own set of general-purpose registers, control registers to provide increased system responsiveness in multitasking environments, and headroom for next generation multi-threaded applications. More information on HT Technology can be found at

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