Intel's Packaging Databook Chapter 10: Shipping and Transport Media

Product Transport Media

All semiconductor products must be shipped in some type of handling media. The type used is specific to the type of package, die, or wafer that is to be shipped. The following sections outline the many different types of shipping and handling media that Intel uses and outlines how they can be ...recycled. This is not inclusive of the many different types of media available, but is meant to show the main types used and some of the methods for using them in the factory floor.

10.1.1 Plastic Tubes

Plastic shipping and handling tubes are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with an antistatic surfactant treatment. Standard tubes for most package types are translucent and allow visual inspection of units within the tube. Carbon-impregnated, black conductive tubes are available for all parts where required by device or use characteristics. Tube profiles are designed with minimum clearance over the maximum package dimensions to reduce damage caused by movement of the device within the tube. For some package types, tubes have “riding rails” on which the packages rest while in the tube. The rails protect the fragile leads from touching anything in the tube. PVC tacks, nylon tacks, or rubber plugs are used to retain the units. All tube wall thickness are 0.025 inches to 0.040 inches. Table 10-1 through Table 10-8 show tube dimensions and cross-sections and quantity of packages per tube for most Intel package types. Additional information on new packages should be requested through Intel Field Sales.

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