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Intel's Packaging Databook Chapter 6: ESD/EOS

Electronic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) costs the electronics industry millions of dollars each year in damaged components, non-functional circuit boards, and scrambled or missing information. ESD can occur in the manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and field handling of integrated circuits or computer boards with no visible ...signs of damage. A malfunction in these components or boards can occur immediately, or the apparatus may perform for weeks, months, or even years before an unpredictable and premature breakdown causes a field failure.

Why Should I Care About Electronic Discharge?

When you incorporate electronic components or boards into your products, ESD damage can have a direct impact on your company’s reputation and profits. That is because electrostatic damage directly affects the quality and reliability of your products. However, for a small investment in time, manpower, and equipment, you can virtually eliminate ESD-caused problems. The tangible benefits to you include:
• Higher manufacturing yields
• Less rework and inventory
• Reduced overall costs
• Fewer field failures and warranty calls
• Increased product reliability
• More repeat business resulting in greater profit

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