Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Why the performance you demand can also deliver the most value.

Succeeding with the cloud requires prioritizing – and investing for – long-term planning over short-term ‘quick wins’. The good news for IT leaders, however, is that high-performing technology can also deliver the most value. You need your cloud on Intel.1

Creating the right IT environment to support a competitive business requires careful planning and preparation. In this context, it can be tempting to look only at short-term considerations, such as upfront costs. However, thinking through the longer-term total cost of ownership (TCO) of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud instances ensures you are considering the broadest possible range of factors - including performance and overall value.

Strategic hardware upgrades boost performance – and save money

Cutting-edge technologies offer new, higher levels of performance. For example, AWS instances based on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors offer the highest levels of performance compared to instances based on previous generation technology, with 2x faster reliable performance for analytics and database processing.2

At a first glance, choosing a public cloud platform based on the latest technology may seem costly, but research has shown that performance improvements and size reduction mean the opposite. In fact, organizations can reduce per-instance infrastructure costs by moving to smaller, newer instance sizes.3 For example, an enterprise using AWS EC2 T2.Large instances can upgrade to AWS EC2 T3.Medium instances to achieve a saving of USD 248.14 per instance without losing any throughput or performance. This will result in an annual saving of USD 32,258.3

In addition to this efficiency saving, reducing the number of cores in the data center often brings down software licensing costs, which could represent another large saving. It’s estimated that enterprises who upgrade to the newest AWS EC2 instances could save as much as USD 72,000 annually.4

Prioritize value over cost by comparing performance-per-dollar

The value of an AWS EC2 instance is more than just its upfront cost. When you’re assessing different options, look into benchmarking and performance-per-dollar for the workloads that matter most to your enterprise and business outcomes. Demanding workloads like high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming many business use cases, from unlocking new levels of medical research to advanced fraud detection in the financial industry.

Consider the performance-per-dollar of different AWS instances specifically for running the workloads that matter to your enterprise. You may find that while less expensive instances look like a better deal, in many cases Intel® technology provides higher value where it counts - anywhere from 1.25x greater performance for web/Java workloads all the way up to 4.1x greater performance per dollar with high performance computing (HPC).5

Build a seamless IT environment to move data with ease

Your AWS cloud services are just one part of your IT infrastructure. To ensure you can flexibly move data and workloads around your digital estate with minimal latency, you’ll need to ensure architecture compatibility. Because Intel® architecture-based cloud instances are completely compatible, you don’t need to shut down the workload and restart it on the new architecture. This means faster, smoother, and more efficient transfer of workloads and data with no downtime.

When it comes to picking the AWS cloud solution that is best suited to your needs, there are many different factors to consider. Speed and performance are important regardless of your workload – and by measuring TCO over upfront cost, you can ensure these factors are fully integrated into your company’s cloud strategy.

Download Intel’s business brief to find out more about building a TCO-focused business strategy.



性能测试中使用的软件和工作负载可能仅可基于英特尔® 微处理器进行性能优化。性能测试(如 SYSmark* 和 MobileMark*)使用特定计算机系统、组件、软件、操作和功能进行测量。对这些因素的任何更改可能导致不同的结果。您应该查询其他信息和性能测试以帮助您对正在考虑的采购作出全面的评估,包括该产品在与其他产品结合使用时的性能。如欲了解更多信息,请访问



基于服务器虚拟化整合工作负载,虚拟机数量最多提升提升 4.2 倍:基于英特尔内部估算,1 个节点,Romley-EP 搭载 2 个英特尔® 至强® 处理器 E5-2690,VMware ESXi* 6.0 GA 上的总内存为 256 GB,采用 Guest OS RHEL 6.4(glassfsh3.1.2.2,postgresql9.2)。资料来源:申请号码:1718,基准性能测试:服务器虚拟化整合,得分:377.6(21 个虚拟机)。与之相比,1-Noble,Wolf Pass SKX 搭载 2 个英特尔® 至强® 铂金 8180 处理器,VMware ESXi6.0 U3 GA 上的总内存为 768 GB,使用 Guest OS,采用 RHELL 6 64 位操作系统。数据来源:申请号码 2563。基准性能测试:服务器虚拟化整合。分数:1580(90 个虚拟机)。越高越好。URL TBC – TSOlogic 研究报告,英特尔和 Amazon Web Services 的新进展推动实现重大云节省。


节省数字和百分比推导自在 TSO Logic 100,000 个实例的匿名数据存储库上进行的分析。为了进行此项分析,TSO Logic 平台采用算法形式在多家云评估公司中分析了我们本地 OS 实例的 100,000 个实例存储库子集。该平台为每个组织的计算资源创建了细粒度统计模型,以确定运行每个工作负载的最具成本效益的位置。它从当前环境中获取数以百万计的数据点,包括所有硬件的年龄、代际和配置、它们正在运行的操作系统,以及每个实例的利用率,然后采用算法形式分析计算模式。它接着使用受机器学习影响的算法和模式匹配来确定数千个潜在云选项中最适合每个工作负载的选项。该平台使用来自英特尔和 AWS 的最新验证信息,该平台使用各代英特尔® 至强® 处理器正态化和比较了各个 AWS 实例的处理能力和成本。所描述的降低成本方案仅用作示例,表明某些基于英特尔® 的产品在特定环境和配置下会如何影响未来的成本,并节约成本。环境各不相同。英特尔和 AWS 不保证任何成本或成本降低。URL TBC – TSOlogic 研究报告,英特尔和 Amazon Web Services 的新进展推动实现重大云节省。


实例更改:C4.8XLarge 改为 C5.4XLarge,每个实例节省的成本为 3,270.33 美元,每个实例节省的百分比为 50%。从 C4.8XLarge 实例迁移到 C5.4XLarge 将该工作负载的内核计数减少了 40。对于客户迁移到 C5 的每个此类 C4 实例,他们将实现多达 3,270 美元的基础设施节省。但是,如果客户正在这些实例上运行 Microsoft* SQL Server,其中每个内核每年的许可成本为 1,800 美元,内核计数减少可将许可成本降低 72,000 美元。URL TBC – TSOlogic 研究报告,英特尔和 Amazon Web Services 的新进展推动实现重大云节省。


截至 2019 年 1 月 4 日的结果。在 AWS EC2 M 和 R 实例上执行的性能测试 (。由于内存容量较高,数据库基准性能测试显示 R5 与 R5a。

实例的内存容量:M5.24xlarge 和 m5a.24xlarge:384GB;r5.24xlarge 和 r5a.24xlarge:768GB。

有关包括侧信道在内的各种漏洞的 EC2 实例保护的详细信息,请参阅 Amazon 安全公告: