Communications Infrastructure Applications


Communications networks are stressed, driven by consumers demanding richer content anytime, anywhere. To handle this explosive traffic growth, network service operators require equipment that delivers higher throughput, while being more cost-efficient, flexible, scalable, and secure. Intel is helping equipment suppliers satisfy these requirements by driving a transition that enables service providers to deliver new revenue generating services at lower cost.

The foundation is Intel's 4:1 workload consolidation strategy—where Intel® processor-based platforms execute multiple workloads (application, control, data plane, and signal processing) simultaneously. These communications platforms deliver remarkable throughput, boosting packet processing performance through the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK).

Wireless Networks

Wireless network

Build your entire wireless infrastructure with open, standards-based Intel® architecture.

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Enterprise Security Applications

Enterprise security applications

Deliver the most advanced data security solutions with Intel® processors that accelerate cryptography, compression, and pattern matching.

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Media and Edge Applications

Media and edge applications

Deploy scalable, real-time media processing on any Intel® processor to cost-effectively increase the value of your system.

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