1983 Intel Annual Report

Intel passed the one billion dollar revenue milestone in 1983, and earnings increased to a record level. The economic recovery reached Intel and the rest of the semiconductor industry my midyear, and business had remained especially strong since. The change from the previous periods of extended recession is certainly welcome.

Annual revenue grew 25%, and operating profits increased nearly fivefold from depressed 1982 levels. In addition, interest income grew by over $28 million, resulting in net income up nearly fourfold and earnings per share more than tripling to $1.05. In the final quarter, revenue was up 39% over the preceding year.

Such a strong and sudden change in business conditions brings its own problems. It is not possible for us to expand production fast enough to satisfy the needs of our customers, although we are doing everything we can to increase our output. We are expanding our workforce as fast as we can attract and assimilate people with the skills we need.

Our new wafer fabrication plant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, will begin production in the first quarter. This is not only our largest wafer fab, it is also the first one in the world to use the 150mm (6-inch) diameter wafers instead of the 100mm wafers used in our other plants.

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