Help Shape the Future of Technology

Emerging computer science and other engineering disciplines are opening new paths to innovation. From autonomous machines to embedded design to big data analytics, engineering and computer science is changing faster than ever—and education is evolving to keep pace.

Five Technologies to Watch

Technology and innovation will continue to shape our future as human and artificial intelligence extend into new branches of computing. Here are five disciplines that are leading the way.

Autonomous Technologies

This video outlines the history and responsibilities of autonomous technology, including aspects of the relationship between humans and autonomous technology.

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Artificial Intelligence

This video explores principles of artificial intelligence, emphasizing machine learning and deep learning with a goal of helping to create the future of artificial intelligence.

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Data Science

This video explores innovative new technologies that enable computing resources to use data science analytics for life changing applications, across an ever-increasing set of disciplines.

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Cyber-Physical Systems

This video examines types of cyber-physical systems and their role in advancing a world more deeply entwined with technologies and people.

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Programmable Solutions

This video provides an overview of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) programmable solutions and their application within high performance devices and networks.

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