WebVR: Final Notes and Resources

This is the final episode for the WebVR series. Recap the series topics and find more resources available for developers and enthusiasts.

See the WebVR 1.1 Specification

WebXR Device API Specification

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This is the last episode of WebVR, and I'm your host, Alexis Menard.

Over the past few weeks, we learned about WebVR—a way to create immersive experiences for the web. In this closing episode we give you some final notes on where to get started.


In this series, we discover how to create your first WebVR application using WebGL, the Gamepad API and WebVR.

We learned how a VR systems works and how they map with WebVR. And we learned the various steps to create your WebVR experience. We also talked about WebXR Device API, the future of WebVR.

As it gets broadly supported in browsers, we look forward to providing more information about it in the second half of 2018. In the meantime, please check out WebVR.info to get started with WebVR. It contains instructions to try WebVR depending on the platform, browser, or device.

You can see a few samples and try them on your phone or computer with no install required. You should also see A-Frame tutorials to quickly create your first immersive experience. Dive into 3GS or BabylonJS as well to create your 3D wars in JavaScript.

If you haven't yet, watch VR UX from the Intel Software Channel to get a comprehensive look at the best practices when creating VR wars.

Thanks for watching and following this series.