Experiences Using oneAPI

oneAPI was launched and available to the public in 2019. Having worked with oneAPI for some time now, these panelists discuss their experiences using SYCL* and Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) for different workloads and hardware.


Dr. Tom Deakin is a senior research associate in the High-Performance Computing Research Group at the University of Bristol. His research interests include performance portability. Tom is the Chair of the Khronos* SYCL Advisory Panel and a member of the SYCL Working Group.

Kris Rowe is an assistant computational scientist in the Performance Engineering Group at Argonne National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

James Reinders has more than three decades of experience in parallel computing, and has coauthored ten technical books related to parallel programming. James works at Intel teaching and promoting parallel programming in a heterogeneous world.

Aksel Alpay is a researcher and software engineer from Heidelberg University where he works on high-performance computing topics. In particular, he is the creator and lead developer of the hipSYCL SYCL implementation, and also engages within the Khronos SYCL working group to advance the language.

Micheal Wong is the vice president of research and development at Codeplay* Software, a Scottish company that produces compilers, debuggers, runtimes, testing systems, and other specialized tools to aid software development for heterogeneous systems, accelerators, and special-purpose processor architectures, including GPUs and DSPs. He is a member of the open consortium group known as Khronos, MISRA, and AUTOSAR. He is also chair of the Khronos C++ heterogeneous programming language SYCL, used for GPU dispatch in native modern C++ (14/17), OpenCL™. He guides the research and development teams of ComputeSuite, ComputeAorta/ComputeCPP. For twenty years, he was the senior technical strategy architect for IBM* compilers.