How to Quickly Build Production-Ready Machine Learning Solutions

Learn about the challenges that developers face while enhancing their applications with AI and machine learning. Get an overview of the* machine learning platform and AI Blueprints, a capability that can turn every developer into an AI creator.

Using AI Blueprints can scale the machine learning use in applications for detecting objects, text, poses, and scenes. Learn how to use your own data to train and deploy custom machine learning pipelines for any use case or industry. Get a real-life example of how to build and deploy a production-quality AI blueprint in minutes.


Michael Galarnyk works on AI Blueprints at for prebuilt, open source, machine learning pipelines that can be quickly integrated with any application. In his spare time, he teaches machine learning classes that are based on Python* through Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning*. You can find him on Twitter*, Medium, and GitHub*.