Accelerate a Monitoring System with Intel® Distribution of Python


Server monitoring software is an essential tool for system administrators. It provides automated reporting, scheduled checks, and preemptive warnings about the health of many servers within an operating environment. The tool monitors:

  • Key resources such as CPU and disk use, memory consumption, the network, and the process
  • Server performance like resource utilization, user operation, and downtime

The speaker migrated code from stock Python* to Intel® Distribution of Python* on different frameworks related to web technologies and data processing, and averaged a 10% improvement on all the measured key performance indicators (KPI).



Krishna Mouli is a program manager in data science at Boston IT Solutions India. He has over ten years of experience in data science and AI. As a data scientist, Krishna is involved in building and deploying AI and data science applications at scale for the technology companies working in computer vision.

Krishna specializes in machine learning, machine learning operations (MLOps), deep learning, and data science insights. He is also a certified instructor for Intel® oneAPI software and actively shares knowledge with the academic and developer community. Krishna is interested in building application-based deep learning algorithms that solve modern-day business problems.