2023.1: Refining Intel® oneAPI 2023 Tools

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已更新 4/4/2023
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Intel oneAPI tools 2023.1 is available to update all tools and libraries. These further strengthen software development tools for open multivendor multiarchitecture heterogeneous/accelerated computing.

Standouts additions for 2023.1 include:

  • Compiler support automatically enables bfloat16 when available which is especially powerful for AI acceleration.
  • Support for just released updates to Codeplay’s oneAPI plugins for NVIDIA and AMD. The plugin updates deliver quality improvements, support Joint_matrix extension and CUDA* 11.8/testing 12, and enable gfx1032 for AMD. The AMD plugin backend now works with ROCm 5.x driver. New performance optimizations guides are available.
  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler can automatically highlight profiles to gain performance utilizing high-bandwidth memory (HBM) on Intel® Xeon® Processor Max Series. For Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series, view Xe Link cross-card traffic issues such as CPU/GPU imbalances, stack-to-stack traffic, and throughput and bandwidth bottlenecks. 
  • Photorealistic ray tracing and path guiding from the Intel® Open Path Guiding Library (integrated in Blender and Chaos V-Ray) deliver performance increases on 4th gen Intel® Xeon® Processors.
  • Updates for the latest CUDA headers and libraries to assist those migrating CUDA code to SYCL (from the SYCLomatic project).
  • Intel® Arc™ GPUs have new support from Intel® Distribution for GDB on Windows.
  • Intel® MPI Library enhances performance for collectives using GPU buffers and default process pinning on CPUs with E-cores and P-cores.
  • Additional customer requested enhancements, and fixes.

As we have seen in the 2023 introduction, oneAPI tools and plug-ins are making real the dream of an open future for accelerated and heterogeneous computing. The approach provides paths to open source support for hardware, and it also connects to closed source library options should they be preferred (e.g., cuBLAS for NVIDIA). In other words – the goal is “no excuses” access to performance for all vendors and all architectures (not just GPUs). Codeplay Software offers prebuilt plug-ins for the oneAPI tools to add support for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

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Innovation lives where oneAPI is Making Great Things Happen

There are many projects finding that oneAPI opens doors—by being open, multivendor, multiarchitecture, and high performance; that were otherwise closed by proprietary approaches.

Some recent developments include:

Available Now: Intel® oneAPI Tools 2023.1

The tools are already preinstalled and ready to use on Intel® Developer Cloud.

These programming development tools are available for download from Intel® Developer Zone, as well as via repositories and other channels.

Join oneAPI to Help Create the Best Future Together

These Migrate from CUDA to C++ with SYCLtools and plug-ins are another important step in our journey to foster an open multivendor and multiarchitecture future for computing.

The oneAPI initiative, and its open specification, are focused on enabling an open, multiarchitecture world with strong support for software developers—a world of open choice without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Please come join the growing community of those helping refine and drive this vision.

Try the tools on your own system or Intel® Developer Cloud. Get plug-ins from Codeplay. Participate in the various oneAPI groups to provide your expert advice and guidance on how to meet your needs for a productive and open solution to our software development needs. Be a part of the discussion, join oneAPI standards discussions and work, or contribute to the numerous open source projects working toward an open future for accelerated and heterogeneous computing. Learn more at oneapi.io.