New Intel® Media SDK Open Source available

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已更新 3/31/2017
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Intel® Media SDK is now open source!

Developers: Innovate and contribute your enhancements for fast, efficient video/image processing

Today Intel delivered the first open source release of the Intel® Media SDK for Linux*, a product for software developers that provides an easy-to-use API, runtimes and tools to access hardware-accelerated codecs (also known as Intel® Quick Sync Video technology) for optimizing media applications and solutions running on Intel® platforms.

The Intel Media SDK for Linux source code is available at GitHub:

This package is for developers who want:

  • To build fast, high-quality video encoding, decoding, and processing applications for the latest generation of Intel® processors
  • More flexibility and control over the third-party software via access to the source code

While Intel will continue to enhance and maintain the Intel Media SDK, developers are welcome to participate in the community and to contribute their own enhancements to make the product even better.

Check the FAQ for more information.

Get support resources, a developers guide and other documentation and training/articles.


Additional Media SDK versions which are not open source, include:

  • Intel Media SDK (Windows* and Embedded Linux versions) - use for fast, efficient video processing in video/surveillance apps for client, mobile and embedded solutions for smart cameras, network video recorders, players/editors, and more.
  • Intel® Media Server Studio - use to innovate visual cloud and immersive video in media applications and solutions for the data center, cloud, and network video recorders.