Faster Video Processing for Linux* Apps with New GStreamer* Plugins for Intel® Media SDK

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Optimize for High Performance Video Codecs

How to Install for Generic Linux Distributions 

Video and media developers: You can take a fast track to delivering fast video processing for Linux* applications by accessing new GStreamer plugins for Intel® Media Server Studio and Intel® Media SDK for Embedded Linux. By using the new Gstreamer plugins, you can utilize high performance video codecs in Intel® HD Graphics for Intel® Core™ processor–based platforms** used in desktop devices, set-top boxes, smart cameras, and other devices.

GStreamer is a pipeline-based media framework, where pipeline it creates links together different media processing components, and could be extended to complete more complicated workflows. Although it doesn't have board codecs support like FFmpeg, it has strong audio and video I/O support, better OS support, and a shorter learning curve makes it the best choice for many developers. It is adopted by many applications, including Linux GNOME desktop environment; many media player applications and frameworks; and has support for Linux*, Android*, iOS*, OSX* and Windows*. It is also used by a host of embedded devices such as phones and set-top boxes.

Intel® Media SDK has supported GStreamer for a long time and there is a new GStreamer plugin for the Apollo Lake project. With the Intel Media SDK GStreamer plugins, you can optimize for high performance video codecs on GStreamer by using Intel® hardware codecs, which are in most of Intel HD graphics and can be used for free.

This article covers the installation of GStreamer plugins for the Intel Media SDK on some Linux distributions; refer to the official GStreamer plugins for the Intel Media SDK site for more detailed information. It also includes the GStreamer installation process so the user can get a working installation right after finishing the process.

System Requirements

  1. Intel Core processors: SkyLake, Broadwell
  2. Linux distributions: Fedora* 24/25, Ubuntu* 14.04.5, Ubuntu 16.04
  3. Intel Media Server Studio 2017 R2.

General Installation Process Overview

  1. Install the Media SDK
        For Yocto,  install Intel Media SDK for Embedded Linux Free Download
        For other Linux distributions, Intel® Media Server Studio Community version
  2. Install the dependencies of the following steps.
  3. Install the GStreamer 1.10.4
  4. Install the GStreamer plugins for the Intel® Media SDK (download the source code from GitHub:

This is the official release branch of the plugin, it supports Yocto*, Fedora and Ubuntu, and should also work in other generic Linux distributions (however, those distributions are not tested yet). Two other branches also exist:

  1. This is a development branch to fix customer bugs, the result will be merged to the main branch above in a schedule.
  2. This is a development branch to install and debug customer issues in Ubuntu 14.04.

Note: After successfully installed, there are a lot of gstreamer command examples which can be tried in the and README.USAGE document in above GitHub links.

Access the following links for detailed instructions per OS:

**Technical specifications, specific processors apply.