MAGIX takes Video Editing to a New Level by Providing HEVC to Broad Users

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已更新 4/25/2016
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MAGIX's Video Pro X delivers Intel HEVC encoding through Intel® Media Server Studio


MagixWhile elite video pros have access to high-powered video production applications with bells and whistles available traditionally only to enterprise, MAGIX has taken a broader approach unveiling its latest version of Video Pro X (Figure 1), a video editing software that sets new standards for semi-professional video production for broader users. Optimized with Intel® Media Server Studio, MAGIX Video Pro X delivers Intel HEVC encoding to prosumers and semi-pros to help alleviate a bandwidth-constrained internet where millions of videos are shared and distributed.

Magix Video Pro X
Figure 1: MAGIX Video Pro X for semi-professional video production


Video takes up a massive―and growing―share of Internet traffic. And meeting consumers’ demands for higher online video quality pushes the envelope even more. 

One solution to make those demands more manageable is the HEVC standard (also known as H.265), which delivers huge gains in compression efficiency over H.264/AVC, currently the most commonly used standard. Depending on the testing scenarios, Intel's HEVC GPU-accelerated encoder can deliver 43% better compression for the same quality as 2-pass x264-medium.1, 2 While video is the largest and fastest growing category of Internet traffic, it also consumes much more internet bandwidth than other content formats. By using HEVC, massive gains in compression efficiency is innovative not only for major online video streaming providers, but also for general internet users and the growing audiences that create and share videos online every day.

With the 6th generation Intel® Core Processors launch in September last year, Intel's platforms allow both hardware-based decoding and encoding of HEVC capabilities. Since then, MAGIX worked closely to optimize its video production software with Intel Media Server Studio's Professional Edition for access to hardware acceleration and graphics processor capabilities, Intel's HEVC codec, and to use expert-grade performance and advanced visual quality analyzers.

MAGIX technical experts elaborated that thanks to the high quality of Intel's media software product and easy integration, MAGIX was able to incorporate this extremely efficient compression technology in Video Pro X, making it a premier, semi-pro video editing software with the competitive advantage of providing hardware-accelerated HEVC encoding. The production software is also a great tool for the import, editing and export of 4K/UHD videos.

"Through integrating Intel’s HEVC decoder and encoder that is a part of Intel® Media Server Studio Professional Edition, we put the power in our customer's hands to use the benefits of better compression rate of next gen codec that allows to deliver high quality video with less bandwidth," Sven Kardelke, MAGIX Chief Product Officer Video/Photo.

"We’re working with many industry leaders to help bring their solutions to the marketplace, and MAGIX Video Pro X is an innovative example of a new video editing software solution that supports HEVC. Optimized with Media Server Studio, it’s one of the newest, prosumer software products that’s available enabling individuals to create, edit, and share their own broadcast-ready 4K content online in compressed formats. This promises to have a huge effect on improving video viewer experiences via the internetwhere it is so bandwidth constrained today," said Jeff McVeigh, Intel Software and Services Group vice president and Visual Computing Products general manager.

All in all, it’s a great step forward in taking video editing to a new level.  

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