Intel® vCMTS Reference Dataplane

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The Intel® vCMTS Reference Dataplane is now offered by request only. 

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This is a reference implementation of a virtualized cable modem termination system (vCMTS), an edge access network function for cable access networks. Standardized through the distributed access architecture (DAA) for DOCSIS, vCMTS is essentially a Layer-2 router that converts traffic between IP and DOCSIS networks to deliver cable broadband to cable modems in subscriber homes. It usually resides in a cable network headend. 

The Intel vCMTS Reference Dataplane is optimized for high-performance packet processing on Intel® architecture and may be deployed on a network functions virtualization (NFV) platform. The key purpose of this reference implementation is to characterize the packet-processing performance and power consumption of a vCMTS on Intel® Xeon® platforms.