Simplify PC Management with DaaS Featuring the Intel® vPro™ Platform

Get what your business needs with the latest Intel® vPro™ platform through a predictable Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription.

Enjoy Reduced IT Workloads and Faster Access to the Latest PC Technology at a Predictable Subscription Price

Device as a Service (DaaS) subscriptions help reduce your IT workload by offloading PC management, maintenance and asset retirement to a third party. Refresh your employees’ PCs at a faster cadence and enjoy simplified PC deployment with predictable costs by combining hardware, services, and support into a single, regular per-seat outlay to one vendor. Power your workforce with DaaS subscriptions featuring PCs with the latest, built-for-business Intel® vPro™ platform.1

Refresh to the Latest Intel® vPro™ Platform

Start with the Foundation of Business Computing

The Intel® vPro™ platform streamlines productivity with the fast, responsive performance necessary for serious business compute.2 Get in front of threats with hardware-enhanced security and reduce IT operating costs with remote manageability.

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Modernize Your Computers, Optimize Your Windows* 10 Migration

Want to make the most of your Windows* 10 migration? Update your hardware to PCs powered by the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors to help deliver advanced security features, productivity, and consistency across your enterprise.

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性能测试中使用的软件和工作负载可能仅可基于英特尔® 微处理器进行性能优化。性能测试(如 SYSmark* 和 MobileMark*)使用特定计算机系统、组件、软件、操作和功能进行测量。对这些因素的任何更改可能导致不同的结果。您应该查询其他信息和性能测试以帮助您对正在考虑的采购作出全面的评估,包括该产品在与其他产品结合使用时的性能。要想了解更加完整的信息,请访问


英特尔®技术的功能和优势取决于系统配置,可能需要启用硬件、软件或激活服务。随着系统配置的变化,性能也会发生变化。没有任何产品或组件能够做到绝对安全。请咨询您的系统制造商或零售商,或访问 获取更多信息。