Improving Scalability and Workloads

Virtualizing for a more agile, efficient data center.

Boost Virtualization Performance

The Intel® Xeon® processor family can help you build a more secure data center by implementing server virtualization solutions that enable faster service deployment and dynamic placement of workloads, and deliver capabilities that support high utilization of pooled resources, workload isolation, and increased uptime.

Intel® Graphics Virtualization Technology 

Intel® GVT allows VMs to have full and/or shared assignment of the graphics processing units (GPU) as well as the video transcode accelerator engines integrated in Intel system-on-chip products. It enables usages such as workstation remoting, desktop-as-a-service, media streaming, and online gaming.

Case Studies

TelecomNet TV interviews Intel’s Sean Varley on how virtualization has changed the server world and enables enterprises to become more flexible.

Watch the interview (12:45)

Telefónica and AT&T discuss the role of Intel® technology for network virtualization and user-defined network cloud in their network transformation.

Watch the network virtualization video (1:49)

Planning Resources

By deploying data virtualization solutions that combine data sources into a single virtual layer, Intel IT expects to increase the agility of business intelligence (BI).

Read the BI agility white paper (8 pages)

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is a pervasive theme within the telecom industry—and has become a catalyst for major transformational change in the network.

Read the telecom white paper (10 pages)

Solutions and Technology

Through I/O virtualization with Intel® Virtualization Technology, network controllers reduce I/O server overhead for data center performance and efficiency.

Watch the I/O virtualization video (4:07)

Extend Intel® Virtualization Technology beyond server virtualization to the network with hardware optimizations for the rapid provisioning of networks in an agile data center.

See the Intel® Ethernet product brief (6 pages)

This Intel® Open Network Platform server reference design streamlines the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

Read the Intel® platform white paper (8 pages)