Building New Server Apps for the Intel® Xeon® Processor Family

Executive Summary

Bottlenecks. We encounter them all the time—on freeway exits, at the corner coffee shop—and on server racks. Whether you are writing applications for a database server, a Web server, or Web services, end-users’ perception of your feature-rich application is affected by the performance of the server itsel...f. The Intel® Xeon™ processor family features two new processor hardware innovations that help remove processing bottlenecks, increase processing throughput, and provide a significant positive impact on server application performance:
• Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture
• Hyper-Threading technology

The Intel NetBurst microarchitecture significantly enhances P61 microarchitecture as well as introduces new innovative performance related features, such as Execution Trace Cache, Rapid Execution Engine, Hyper-Pipelined technology, and Streaming SIMD Extensions 2. It also triples the throughput on the system bus, allowing the Intel Xeon processor family to deliver industry-leading performance today and over the next several years. But typically (even with highly optimized code), not all of the available execution resources are used during each clock cycle, due to dependencies, memory latencies and data bottlenecks.

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