Intel® Pentium® D Processor Product Brief

Product Description

Whether performing video editing, playing graphic intensive games or running multiple background tasks simultaneously, users today have high expectations for their PC performance with little tolerance for degradation in experience. For people who run multiple demanding applications simultaneously, the Intel® Pentium® D pro...cessor is Intel’s preferred desktop processor. Because it is powered by two execution cores in one processor it offers exceptional functionality, and performance so consumers get the most productivity, and enjoyment from their PCs when one or more people are running multiple applications at the same time.

In today’s usage environment, processor speed alone is not enough to ensure a great experience. Today users require the power of simultaneous computing found in a dual-core processor. The Intel Pentium D processor brings this power to the desktop at three performance levels [3.20, 3 and 2.80 GHz]. An Intel dual-core processor delivers consumer value by providing additional computing resources that expand the PC’s capabilities and provide platform-level advancements for consumers in the form of higher throughput and simultaneous computing. With an Intel Pentium D processor users may perform multiple tasks such as digital rendering and gaming all while running virus scan or other background tasks seamlessly.

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