Oracle Exadata* 基于英特尔® 至强™ 处理器: 支持企业计算的顶级性能

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Oracle Exadata* on Intel® Xeon® Processors: Top Performance for Enterprise Computing

Deploy scalable performance, reliable security, and high energy efficiency right out of the box with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine* based on the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 and 5600 series. High optimization puts your business ahead of the curve for mission-critical online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and consolidation of mixed workloads.

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine puts the power of Intel Xeon processors to work to meet your most demanding mission-critical workloads. Extreme performance and an intelligent storage system allow you to adapt to changes in short-term business demands and address requirements for longer-term business growth. Advanced reliability and security features help maintain data integrity, accelerate encrypted transactions, and maximize the availability of mission-critical applications, while automated energy efficiency helps decrease operating expense.

Oracle is offering a fully integrated platform for hosting all your database applications. The Exadata Database Machine is an easy-to-deploy, out-of-the-box solution for hosting the Oracle Database*. Ready to go from day one, much of the integration effort, cost, and time associated with database deployment has been eliminated. Whether you are supporting OLTP, data warehousing, or mixed application workloads, a common deployment creates a tremendous opportunity for consolidation and economies of scale in the data center. And all this comes with breakthrough performance.

The unique technology driving the performance advantages of the Exadata Database Machine is the Oracle Exadata Storage Server*. As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, conventional storage arrays struggle to efficiently process terabytes of data and push that data through storage networks to achieve the performance necessary for demanding database applications. By pushing SQL processing to the Exadata Storage Server, all the disks can operate in parallel, reducing the load of the database server processor while minimizing bandwidth requirements to move data between storage and database servers.

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