Intel® Platform Enhances Communications Infrastructure Apps

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Development Kit Enhances Communications Infrastructure Apps

The dual-core Intel® Xeon® processor LV and Intel® 3100 Chipset development kit offers an excellent platform for a variety of embedded and communications infrastructure applications. It enables outstanding instruction execution/watt while providing scalability with the dual-core Intel® Xeon® processor LV/ULV. These dual-core processors combine the benefits of two high-performance execution cores with intelligent power management features to deliver significantly greater performance-per-watt over previous single-core Intel® Xeon® processors.

The chipset is Intel’s first integrated chipset specifically optimized for communications, embedded and storage applications, combining server-class memory and I/O controller functions into a single component. Validated with a dual-core Intel Xeon processor LV/ULV, it helps meet developers’ needs for high-performance, high-reliability, low-power platforms within small form factors.

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