White Paper: Layer 3 Forwarding and IPSec Measurement

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Layer 3 Forwarding and IPSec Measurement

Executive Summary
This paper presents a complete step-by-step procedure for measuring Layer 3 forwarding and IPSec performance on Intel® architecture platforms. This process is intended to provide a standard and “clean” procedure to be followed for all similar requests, reproduce or execute their own measurements. This methodology is used to get peak throughput performance for Layer 3 forwarding and IPSec measurement.
This paper is written especially for readers who have no Intel® architecture experience but with some basic networking, IPSec crypto (encrypt/decrypt) and Linux* knowledge. There are two major sections: the first section describes Layer 3 forwarding measurement methodology and the second section explains the IPSec measurement methodology.
The Layer 3 forwarding methodology described in this paper includes the test setup and configurations for hardware and software components, the test equipment used for traffic generation, and the multi-core optimization for throughput rate performance. The IPSec methodology adds the crypto algorithms used for encryption and decryption, and multicore optimization for IPSec.

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