Windows Embedded Standard* 7 (WES7*) Installation Guide for Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Systems



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This guide will use a Windows Embedded Standard* 7 (WES7) installation disc from Microsoft. WES7 can also be installed from an image on another hard drive or USB drive. The user needs to have their own licensed version of Windows Embedded System 7 operating system.


  1. Configure your BIOS to boot first from your optical drive, then boot from your WES7 disc.
  2. Select “Build an Image.”


    Figure 1


  3. Accept the license agreement, and the “Choose how to create your image” screen is displayed:


    Figure 2


  4. Each image has a different set of features enabled for its intended application. Choose “Application Compatibility” to install all Windows Embedded Standard 7 features.
  5. The next screen reviews the drivers and features that will be installed, as determined by the image you selected. You can add or remove features at this point, and the required disk space (displayed on the bottom right) reflects these changes.
  6. Select where to install WES7:


    Figure 3

    1. If WES7 is the only operating system you want to install on this disk, format the disk and create a new partition of the maximum possible size. This erases all data currently on the disk.
    2. If you are installing WES7 alongside another operating system, select one of the available partitions. If the partition shows 0.0 MB of available free space, it is likely not formatted in a Windows*-compatible file system (for example, EXT file systems which are commonly used with Linux* are not compatible.) In this case, select the partition and format it.
  7. WES7 is now installed. This procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours, depending on your hardware.


    Figure 3


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