BTicino: 智能和完善

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BTicino: Smart and Sophisticated

Case Study: Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series Data-intensive computing

Smart and sophisticated

BTicino turns to Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series for efficiency and just-in-time operations. BTicino, Italy, is a world-leading manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces. It specialises in integrating technologies and services, such as energy distribution with lighting. It also creates smart services such as video and audio systems with climate and safety services.


• Greater scalability: IT department wanted to increase system scalability without increasing costs such as software licenses and network connections
• Hidden costs: It also wanted to avoid hidden costs such as increasing the number of network ports, kilowatts consumption and machine faults


• Measured approach: It evaluated the performance of Intel Xeon processor 7500 series by comparing batch processing time on the Intel servers to existing servers


• Discovery: Batch processing time was reduced by a quarter when measured against existing system
• Peak power: Maximum usage peak limited to 4-5 per cent with 20 virtual machines installed for each server.

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