Symantec Multi-Level Security

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Symantec Multi-Level Security

Product Brief: PGP* Whole Disk Encryption with support for Intel® Anti-Theft Technology As implemented in the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family

A solution from Symantec integrated with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) provides strong protection against data loss or laptop theft. When it comes to effective data security, one of the most effective solutions is to combine hardware and software to protect data confidentiality in case of theft or loss. In an effort to enhance conventional data protection techniques, Symantec integrated Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) with its PGP* Whole Disk Encryption solution to provide strong security and peace of mind to laptop users.

A component of this solution, PGP* Remote Disable & Destroy (RDD), can render a stolen laptop useless and unreadable by unauthorized individuals. Together, these innovative technologies, forged in silicon within the select computers featuring Intel® Core™ processors, deliver exceptional data security and superior asset protection. At the heart of Symantec with the Intel AT solution is a protected area, physically embedded in each Intel Core processor equipped with Intel AT, where Symantec encryption algorithms can run securely, providing strong resistance against tampering. By embedding these security mechanisms within the hardware, data is protected even if a hacker attempts extreme measures, such as reimaging the OS, changing the boot order of devices, installing a new hard drive in the laptop, or breaking connections with the network. Though this degree of protection is extremely strong, a recovered laptop can quickly be restored to service using a previously established passcode or a token provided by IT.

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