The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem

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The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem

What do you think your organization would do if it realized that each year it is losing millions of dollars because of the carelessness of employees and contractors entrusted with laptops? While organizations may be aware of the lost laptop problem, we do not believe they understand fully the adverse affect it may be having on their bottom line. If they did, we believe they would be more diligent in protecting these devices.

For this reason, Intel and Ponemon Institute decided to conductThe Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem, an independent benchmark study of 329 private and public sector organizations located in the United States. The purpose of the study is to determine the economic consequences to organizations when laptops used by employees and contractors are lost or stolen.

To calculate the total economic impact, we referred toThe Cost of a Lost Laptopbenchmark study released in 2009 and also sponsored by Intel. In that study, we were able to determine that the average value of one lost laptop is $49,246.

The Cost of a Lost Laptop study, conducted by Ponemon Institute in 2009 and sponsored by Intel, was the first benchmark study to estimate full costs associated with a lost or stolen laptop. The benchmark analysis focuses on representative samples of organizations in the US that had experienced laptop loss or theft within the last 12 months. The analysis was based on 138 separate incidents involving lost laptops as used by employees, temporary employees and contractors.

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