Laptop Lost or Stolen? Five Questions to Ask and Answer

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Laptop Lost or Stolen? Five Questions to Ask and Answer

Five Questions to Ask and Answer

Executive summary
In Aberdeen's study of over 150 organizations, for every 100 enterprise endpoints that went out only 85 came back — 5 were lost or stolen, 1 of these was successfully recovered, and 11 were missing and unaccounted for. This report highlights five key questions to help companies manage their risk and minimize their cost related to protecting and managing their endpoints.

Best-in-Class performance
To distinguish Best-in-Class companies from Industry Average and Laggard organizations, Aberdeen used the year-over-year changes in the following performance criteria as they relate to protecting and managing endpoint systems:
• Number of actual security-related incidents (for example, data loss or exposure, endpoint loss or theft)
• Number of non-compliance incidents (for example, audit deficiencies)
• Number of help desk calls
• Companies with top performance based on these criteria earned Best-in-Class status.

Survey results show that the firms enjoying Best-in-Class performance shared several common characteristics, including:
• Consistent policies for protecting sensitive data in use at the endpoints (74%); systematic implementation and rollout processes for endpoint software, updates, and configurations (74%)
• Responsible executive or team with primary ownership for security, compliance, and management of endpoint systems (70%); formal documentation, awareness, and end-user training programs (61%)
• Discovery, classification, tracking, and reporting of information assets (61%); inventory, tracking, and reporting of endpoints (57%)
• Standardized endpoint devices / platforms (86%); standardized configurations (82%); technical controls to lock down standard configurations (64%)

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