Solving Environmental Issues with Green Technology

Intel is committed to developing technological breakthroughs that help the environment

We believe technology can help directly solve environmental problems.

Technology leads to understanding

Eco-conscious management

Eco-conscious management

By helping companies optimize their operations, increase their productivity, and use fewer resources to enable better products and disruptive new business models, Intel technology is making business more environmentally friendly.

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Technology that transforms thought into action

Technology that transforms thought into action

Technology has many great benefits, including conserving resources and making industries more efficient. However, technology’s ability to connect people, amplify voices, foster innovation, and make it easy for people to act on their ideas can be even more important.

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Environmentally friendly buildings

Environmentally friendly buildings

We apply Design for the Environment (DfE) principles in order to intelligently address challenges related to energy efficiency, air quality, water management, materials recycling, and more.

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Intel's Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Intel's Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Intel CEO Paul Otellini wrote a letter highlighting Intel’s commitment to the environment, safety principles for products, and safety policies for employees.

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Biodiversity in Ireland's River Rye

Intel's award-winning restoration of the River Rye serves as an inspiration to businesses throughout Ireland.

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