Intel Green Initiatives--Doing Our Part for the Environment.

At Intel, being environmentally responsible is a top priority

Doing Our Part for the Environment

At Intel, we are vigilant in our quest to reduce emissions, manage our water use, minimize waste, and build more environmentally responsible facilities.

We work hard to minimize our own carbon footprint. As the largest voluntary purchaser of green power in the US (according to the US Environmental Protection Agency), we’re proud of our role in helping to stimulate renewable energy markets.

In fact, our 2011 purchase of renewable energy credits (equivalent to 85% of our US energy use) will have the equivalent environmental impact of eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from the annual electricity use of nearly 218,000 average American homes.

Reduction of emissions and energy efficiency initiatives

For more than a decade, Intel has been active in addressing climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and and investing in energy conservation.

Since 2008, we have also been the largest voluntary purchaser of renewable energy credits, earning a Green Power Partner of the Year Award from the US EPA.

In 2010, we partnered with third parties to complete nine solar electric installations at Intel locations in the US and Israel—collectively generating more than 3.8 million kWh per year of clean solar energy. The RECs generated by these installations are typically transferred to the local utility to support their regulatory obligations and programs.

Waste reduction

Each year, we recycle a high percentage of the waste from our operations.

Our employees continue to identify new opportunities to minimize waste and recycle or reuse materials, from large-scale process improvements to everyday actions. 

Environmentally friendly buildings

We apply Design for the Environment (DfE) principles in order to intelligently address challenges related to energy efficiency, air quality, water management, materials recycling, and more.

Water conservation

Water conservation

We recognize that water is an important resource and is crucial to our manufacturing process, so we’ve invested more than USD 100 million in conservation programs since 1998. This helped us save more than 40 billion gallons of water over this time period—enough to fill more than 60,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Our management systems

Intel is focused on reducing our environmental footprint and improving our eco-performance. We strive to design our products to foster a more sustainable environment, while providing a safe and healthful workplace for our employees, contractors, and communities.

Intel's Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Intel CEO Paul Otellini wrote a letter highlighting Intel’s commitment to the environment, safety principles for products, and safety policies for employees.

Biodiversity in Ireland's River Rye

Intel's award-winning restoration of the River Rye serves as an inspiration to businesses throughout Ireland.