OpenStack 和英特尔协作带来电源管理与安全性

具备多项安全性和效率增强的 OpenStack 云解决方案架构

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Audience and Purpose
This document is intended for cloud administrators and enterprise IT professionals deploying cloud solutions based on OpenStack*. The document describes the solution architecture of a private cloud based on OpenStack that includes several enhancements to security and energy efficiency that take advantage of Intel processor architecture, advanced technologies, and software components.

Executive Summary
To help businesses take advantage of the economic benefits of cloud computing, Intel pursues a vision that centers on three themes essential for simplifying the design, deployment and operation of cloud computing solutions: federated, automated, and client-aware. Federated means communications, data, and services can move easily and securely within and across cloud computing infrastructures. Automated means that cloud computing services and resources can be specified, located, and securely provisioned with very little or zero human interaction. Client-aware means that cloud computing solutions are both aware of and able to adapt seamlessly to take advantage of the capabilities of the end user’s device optimizing application delivery regardless