Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b* 蓝光光碟镜像创建软件评估指南

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Software Evaluation Guide for Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b* Blu-ray Disc Image Creation

Chapter 1: Processor Performance on Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b* Blu-ray Disc Creation, Software Description

Professional HD video editing, audio editing, and DVD authoring software. The Sony Vegas Pro* collection combines Vegas Pro 8, DVD Architect Pro 4.5, and Dolby Digital AC-3* encoding software to offer an integrated environment for all phases of professional video, audio, DVD, and broadcast production. These tools let you edit and process DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD/HD-SDI, and all XDCAM* formats in real time, fine-tune audio with precision, and author surround sound, dual-layer DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs.

Test Workload Description

The input file is a ~1min59sec, ~370MB 1440x1080 HD video imported from an HD camcorder using Sony Vegas. The output is a 1920x1080 60i Blu-ray Disc ISO image.

Chapter 2: Procedure for Evaluating Performance

The following is a procedure for evaluating performance while running Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. 1. Purchase and install Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 with default installation options. 2. Install Vegas Pro 8.0b patch. 3. Copy the workload files to a local folder. 4. Reboot your computer. 5. Launch Vegas Pro by double-clicking the Vegas Pro 8.0 icon on your desktop. 6. Click on the File menu and select Open. In the window below, navigate to where the workload file is located. Select the .vf test file and click Open.

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